Handcrafted products for your backyard

Mark Made It


Bird Houses

Each house is built with the intentions of providing the best conditions for the species of bird it is intended for.  Entry hole size is most important, but interior dimensions, height of hole above floor, drainage, ventilation, and other details enter into the design also.  I build it to last, using 7/8 inch cedar (naturally weather resistant). It also darkens as it ages which, in my opinion, adds character to the piece.  I glue when I can, and use brass screws when it seems proper.

Bird Feeders

Now having a family of birds move into one of your houses is one thing, but feeding can become an art.  The greater the variety of food provided corresponds directly with the variety of birds that you'll find will visit you.  From fruits and different types of seed, to grape jelly and orange juice.  It may just border on insanity but it sure is fun to watch.  I've made quite the variety of bird feeders for you to choose from.


Bats & Butterflies

Yes, Butterflies DO live in houses.  I recommend that you place your house in or near a flower garden.  These houses are also suitable shelters for the garden fairies.  Adding your own bright colors and sparkle will help attract garden fairies. 

Games & Outdoors

From backyard Jenga, to Yardzee (backyard / jumbo Yahtzee), these games will be sure to make memories at your next gathering! Do you have any suggestions for other games? I'd love to hear about it!